Brunch gourmand à déguster chez nous.

Pura Vida, this Costa Rican motto sums up the spirit of the project! Because for us, happiness comes through a set of simple daily pleasures!

More than just a place to consume, Pura Vida wants to contribute to the well-being of its customers. We offer a cosy and friendly place for all gourmets looking for healthy food at lunchtime, or a little sweet treat in the afternoon.


Nancy, thoughtful behind her computer, sitting in the same office for 20 years, longed for the carefree childhood… And, one day, she watches a show about Costa Rica. In this country, they say hello to each other, wishing each other “pura vida”, quite simply “a pure life”. Because these inhabitants, among the happiest in the world, do not worry about trivial things and find life quite cool.  These 2 words have changed everything. It’s decided, she will now adopt this state of mind. Happiness is within everyones reach, you just need to smile in the morning while thinking of all the little pleasures, even the insignificant ones, that will for sure happen durint the day. The challenge is launched: experiencing a maximum of pleasure on a daily basis and especially sharing it with everyone: a scented tea, a delicious sweet or salty delicacy or both, a good novel, a cozy and warm atmosphere, a good music, children playing… The delicacy salon project was born.